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Additional Options

ezyHR offers some additional options to make it easier to manage your HR system – the Import Wizard and an enhanced security module.  See how they can help you below:

Import Wizard

If you’ve already got some HR-related data in an existing computer system, the Import Wizard can help you transfer matching fields to ezyHR when you’re setting up the system.  It’ll save you time, and reduce typographical errors.  For more information, download the ezyHR User Guide and check out pages 94–96.

Security Module

The Security Module allows you to control user access to your ezyHR system by appointing a Security Administrator.  The Administrator uses the module to identify one or more authorised users and selects what data they are allowed to view and report upon.  If you intend to install ezyHR on a network, the Security Module is an essential part of managing your HR data protection.  For more information, download the ezyHR User Guide and check out pages 82-85.

Support Plan

ezyHR comes with a comprehensive User Guide and full instructions for installing it on a single PC or on a network.  The system was designed to be easy to use for HR beginners or professionals, so you don’t need IT assistance.  Just follow the instructions carefully and you should have no trouble in getting the system up and running very quickly.  However, if you do get into a problem, or there’s something you don’t understand, we provide FREE support for three months after you bought the system.

After three months, support is available for an annual fee, which we strongly recommend.  But you MUST choose the Support Option on the checkout page and renew it every year.  You cannot add it later.