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One central database for your employee records

Don’t have your sensitive employee data scattered all over the place.  ezyHR uses a secure Microsoft SQL central database to keep ALL your data together, protected on your own PC or server.  No part of your ezyHR database is stored on an external server.
But you can still share the database between other users on your network, and the optional Security Module controls which users are allowed to see which data fields.
Manage your data easily

ezyHR’s intuitive interface stores your employee information in a series of easy to understand tabbed record cards.  Further data in the form of documents, images and emails can be attached to the employee record, giving you a comprehensive history of your employee’s service.

The database can be sectioned into any number of different categories – such as department, location, qualifications, and so on.


Enjoy total security

ezyHR’s employee database is stored on your own server under your control.  Data is never stored in the ‘Cloud’ on third party servers.  Regular backups are created every time that you exit the system and any system or hardware issue can be quickly resolved by ezyHR’s automated Recovery procedure.


employee record displays
It’s easy to share!

You can have up to three authorised users of ezyHR, all sharing the same database.  The system’s Security Administrator can create individual User Profiles, which determine what data a User can see or amend.  So it’s easy to restrict a manager’s access to just his/her own reports, or the location head in, say, Brisbane to just employees who work there.


Import your old data

ezyHR makes it easy to get started with your new system.  If you already have your HR data in some earlier payroll or record-keeping system, you don’t need to re-key it all.  ezyHR’s optional Import Wizard* can help you transfer it to your new system automatically.

Matching data fields are exported from your old system into an Excel spreadsheet, and then ezyHR maps them into its own database using a template that you create yourself.  Simple and effective!

* Optional Module

employee record displays