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ezyHR grows with you

ezyHR fits any size company.  Start with the basics and grow the system as your HR needs become more demanding.  Increases in employee numbers and system users are easily handled by upgrading to the next edition of ezyHR, and optional modules can be added to extend ezyHR’s reach into OHS and employee training plans.
You’ll never outgrow ezyHR!


It’s easy to start small

No matter how small your company, there’s an ezyHR edition for you.  Even if you employ less than 20 people, you can still have all the facilities of a professional HR system, without the complexity and the budget-busting cost.  The ezyHR Starter system will get you off the ground and you can upgrade it to match your company’s growth through two further editions.

Single or Multiple Users?

ezyHR can be installed in a simple mode, on just one PC with one user.  But if your needs are more sophisticated, you can also install it on a network server with up to 3 users sharing the same database.  If you need multiple users, the optional Security Module will give you total control over user access, and the employee data that each user is allowed to see.