A final word on HR software backups

December 12, 2015

I’m sorry to bang on about HR software backups so much, but the lack of a usable backup is the single most common problem we come across, and we’d rather you didn’t suffer from it.  Here are some final thoughts.

If you are an ezyHR user, there are three things to remember.  The ezyHR backup procedure backs up ONLY the database.  It does not backup the system (the programs, etc).  You’ll have to deal with this separately, by re-installing the system from the Master CD you created when first installing ezyHR.  Secondly, any documents, images or other files that you’ve linked to an employee will be stored in the ezyHR Shared Folder.  Back this folder up separately also.

Audit LogFinally, as your system grows, the backup procedure will take longer, and you might cancel it, thinking that it’s not working properly.  Not a good idea.  To avoid this, you can reduce the size of your database, and thus the time the procedure takes, by occasionally purging the Audit Log*  The log (see illustration) contains a record for every transaction that ezyHR processes.  So If you have a busy HR department, there could be many hundreds a day.

If you’ve got a usable backup file, a recent copy of the Shared Folder and a Master CD, our Support team can probably get you out of any trouble you can get into.  We’re always here to help.

As always, if you’ve got any questions or comments about backups, let us know.

Until next time…

*See page 57 of the ezyHR User Guide for how to do this.

ezyHR is a developer of HR systems for small to medium-sized companies, with over 200 customers in Australia.  The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the poster and not necessarily those of Cyberaid Pty Ltd.

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