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Manage leave and absence easily

ezyHR makes it easy to book and manage employees’ leave and absence, using a graphical display of annual and long-service leave and planned or unplanned absences.  You can review employee attendance history at any time, and by selecting multiple employees you can also see when a particular group is available for meetings or events.

Easy On-line Leave Booking

Using pre-defined templates for each employee’s leave pattern, you can enter a leave booking simply and easily – or edit those bookings you already have.  The system constantly updates leave totals and entitlements as the date changes, so you can see what entitlement employees have, and when someone’s going to be absent.  ezyHR also allows for part-time employees and pro-rata accruals.

What about Long-Service leave?

No problem.  ezyHR handles Long  Service Leave as well, using specifically enabled fields to calculate the hours and days, and the number of years for accrual.  ezyHR makes long service leave easy to manage.

ezyHR’s Employee Schedule

The Employee Schedule is an invaluable tool for managing employees’ attendance.  Its graphical presentation lets you can see at a glance holidays and absenteeism over a selected period, and any relevant attendance trends.  Schedules for multiple employees can also be combined, to show when everyone is free for a meeting.


Displays for booking leave