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Manage HR Documents, Images and Files

ezyHR’s flexibility makes it easy to manage HR Documents, Images & Files and other HR-related data.  Any file can be attached to the employee’s record to build up a comprehensive history of service, and Integration with Microsoft Outlook lets you send emails to individual employees or groups.
Attach Files to Employee Records

Want to review the memo you wrote to an employee last year?  Or an Employment Contract that you sent to everyone in Adelaide?  What about uploading employees’ photographs, so they can be displayed on screen?  Certificates, Licences – in fact any data file can be stored with the employee record.  If you can create it, ezyHR can file it and retrieve it when needed.

Integration with MS Outlook

ezyHR is integrated with MS Outlook, so you can share your diary with other users and make over-booking a thing of the past.  You can also set up alerts, so you’re prompted when significant events occur, like an annual review, or the end of a probationary period.  Don’t use Outlook?  No Problem – ezyHR has its own internal Diary that you can use instead.

Built-in Email

ezyHR lets you email one or more employees in your employee database directly from the application.  You can choose just one person, all the staff in Brisbane, or a specific group of employees filtered by age or length of service.  ezyHR is flexible!  Just create the document in Outlook, select your audience, and away you go.  And of course, a copy of the email is filed with those employees you sent it to.


Documents and Mail-merge displays