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Organise your Workforce

ezyHR lets you describe every job in your company, so you can link them together in an HR reporting structure.  Attaching people to jobs and moving them to other jobs by Drag & Drop gives you the ultimate in flexibility in managing your Workforce.

Create Job Positions

ezyHR makes it easy to set up  the details for every job in your company, including its title, location and grade, and whether it’s full or part time, direct/indirect cost.  Where you’ve got multiple jobs all with the same definition, there’s a quick copy shortcut to make it simple.  Then you just link your jobs together to form a company reporting structure.  Easy!

Allocate employees to jobs

You’ll love the way you can assign employees to the job positions in your company structure.  Just drag each employee from your list to a specific job in the reporting structure and drop it.  Moving or promoting someone?  Takes just a minute to amend the allocation and it’s done!

Print your company structure

Once you’ve got your Company Structure set up, why not create an organisation chart of employee positions?  Because of the flexibility offered by ezyHR’s SQL database, you can use a number of third party products depending on the level of sophistication you want.  They range from the professional charting products to a simple free chart designer, downloadable from the web.


HR reporting structure