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HR Reporting and Analysis

ezyHR comes complete with a range of built-in reports to help with your day-to-day HR reporting needs.  But if you need something more specific, you can use a report-writing product to design your own report – or we can do it for you!
Reporting made simple

ezyHR comes with over 30 standard built-in reports to cover most of the things you’ll want to list or analyse, like employee details, leave and jobs, plus those details specific to OHS and Training Plans. You can choose whether to print the report or display it on the screen.  Just select the report you want from the ezyHR Reports menu.

Special reports

If there’s something you want to report upon that’s not in the ezyHR list, you can easily create your own report, because ezyHR uses the popular Microsoft SQL Express as its database handler.  Most report writer packages, like Microsoft’s free Report Builder tool, can access an SQL database and present the data in the form you want it – and also save the report template for future use.

Bespoke reports

If you don’t want to use a third-party report writer yourself,  or you’ve a particularly complicated requirement, our support staff can create it for you, for a small fee.  We’ll send you the finished report template ready for you to add it to your reports list.  Then run the template when you want the report.