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Employee Training Plans*

Training is not a luxury – it’s an investment in your people.  Use ezyHR to design and manage employee Training Plans, and see how easy it is to measure their effectiveness.
Develop your people’s potential!

Use ezyHR to develop training programmes for your employees and make them feel valuable. With ezyHR, you can create a long term strategy for each employee which will motivate them and help them realise their potential – and a motivated employee will make a much greater contribution to your business.

Choose the right courses

ezyHR helps you to store details on a range of courses, workshops and seminars, Not only where and when they are run, but what they cost and how effective they are.  Employees can also rate courses to help you in your planning of future events.

Build up a skills matrix

Who knows what hidden gems you have in your workforce?  By adding an employee’s skills details to their ezyHR record, you can quickly search for someone who has just the abilities you need.  Overseas visitors?  ezyHR can find the fork-lift driver who just happens to speak fluent French!

* The training module is an optional extra for an additional fee of $195.